How to Apply

The QCCC application is divided into two sections. The first section focuses on providing a profile of the non-profit organization as it exists today, with emphasis on your current and past financial viability and fund raising history. This section also asks about your organization's growth and success in effectively meeting the needs of your clients.

The second section focuses on the details of your proposed capital/endowment campaign.

The intent of the application is two-fold. One is to give the Council a clear, succinct picture of your organization and its need and ability to run a successful campaign. Secondly, it allows the filing organization and its board to take a clear look at its campaign readiness.

Campaign Readiness Application

Prior to submitting an application to the QCCC, it is important to ensure your organization is ready to conduct a capital campaign. The Application document provides the guidance and instructions needed to complete the process.

If your organization is ready to apply, download the application.

Completed forms should be returned in PDF or Word format to We will notify you when we have received your application.